Manage the JS tooltip. You can load both text and HTML inside it.

.Show(obj, json) ⇒ void

Show the WSX5 tooltip using the provided settings.

Kind: static method of x5engine.imTip

Param Type Description
obj jQuery The object used as ToolTip anchor
json object The settings
json.classes string Classes to add to the ToolTip container separated by a white space
json.position string The position of the tip relative to the anchor. Must be one of the following: top, bottom, left or right.
json.effect string The effect used to show the tip. Must be one of the following: fade, bounce, none
json.showTail boolean True to show the ToolTipìs tail
json.text string The ToolTip's content. May contain HTML.
json.width Number The ToolTip's width in px.