WebSite X5 - Optional Objects

WebSite X5 Version 11 introduces a new feature which allows developers to create their own Optional Objects and to share these also with other users directly in the program.
These apps will be available in the program and can be purchased or obtained for free directly via program interface.
The Optional Objects do not differ from the other objects you can find in step 3 of the program. You can create an app like the gallery object or the guestbook and these will have the same appearance like the objects already present in the program because you will be able to use all functions present in the program for the user interface of your Optional Object.

In the developer guide you can find all the information on the parameters and commands you can use for your app and the UI which will be presented to the user in the program.

During the creation of your app, as useful developing tool, your app will have an extra tab, not visible after the app will be distributed to the other users, where you can have access to a console to see all the outputs your app is showing. This will allow you to test your code and get useful information during the development.