Structure and position of the object folder

An Optional Object is made of some different files. All of them are stored in a folder which has as name the ID of the Optional Object.

This folder needs to be created in the following path:

C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Local\Incomedia\WebSiteX5 v[Version] - [Edition]\PluginApps

An Optional Object folder may contain the following files:

  • manifest.xml
  • localizations.xml
  • icon.png: the icon shown to the user (needs to be 32px*32px)
  • imagePreview.png: the image preview shown to the user
  • animatedPreview.gif: the animated preview shown to the user (if available)
  • key: file containing the signature of the application (generated by Incomedia)
  • Resources: the folder where are stored the Object’s resource files. It is possible to define subfolders too.

Resources insights

The resources are files that are somewhat related to the Optional Object. They may be javascript libraries needed by the Object’s output code, example images used in the Object’s preview or whatever file the author need to run his Optional Object.

A resource file will be always copied in the output site by default. The author may override this behavior following the instructions provided in the "Base Tags" section, relative to the "Resources" tag.

Syntax and naming conventions

All the XML tag and attribute names are case sensitive.
All the XML files must be correctly indented to provide a better readability.